:a gathering of buyers and sellers at a particular place and time for trade

(Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary)


I’ve been urged upon by friends, for well nigh on half a decade now, that I ought to start a blog (funny how your friends seem to be the best judge of what you ought to be doing, and funnier still how you’re never spared their opinions) but I never really got around to it. And it wasn’t from a lack of what to say.

Of course, the friends urging me to start a blog weren’t the type to put pen to paper because it suited some ill-defined fancy of theirs, nor because it was the thing to do. We all grew up in the era when people generally opened their mouths because they had something worthwhile to say, and we still largely subscribe  to this ethic (some of them didn’t even have blogs then, and a few still don’t have till the present time). So I took their views a little seriously when they aired them to me.

But no blog emerged. You are entitled to ask why. In fact the excuses were myriad…

Quite apart from a certain perverse and churlishly contrary streak which baulks at being told what I ought to do, I convinced myself that I needed time to organise my thoughts, but because educational evaluations (read exams) kept interrupting every four months or so I never got around to fully organising my thoughts (thus sadly after almost five years they remain unorganised).

I came to recognise, though, that I would like to write on, about, for (and over and under) a great many themes & topics; that I will like even to experiment with diverse forms of expressions, and assume different personae to exhaustively yet authentically deal with the various strands of the fibres that compose the yarn of our existence. I foolishly convinced myself I needed a blog for each strand I wished to examine!

The spectre of work looming ahead interacted synergistically with the aforementioned contrariness to ensure I never wrote more than five lines (and nothing fit to be published at that) on any subject. The tale behind my liberation from this expressionistic cul-de-sac is not for here, but you can be sure it will be told (when the tale is complete).


I’m sure some folks may be like, so this dude too has started “blogging”…what’s he got to say? In other words, what should readers expect? The name gives a clue: there’s no set theme and no guiding “philosophy” beyond the legitimate desire to explore experiences and experiment with expressions.

Lessons will necessarily be drawn, but the primary aim is by no means didactic; fun will be poked at foolishness, but there won’t be malice aforethought; curios will be neatly dissected, and intellectual trophies taken. Most importantly though, we will strive for a symphony of discordance; an open market where all can come to observe and to trade, and of course to be entertained.

That, my friends, is the manifesto of the Ekletica Fair; a place in short where anything goes.


(Join me on Tuesday for Haiku-Tuesday)